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Three professional cultures in the same group

Each company has its own speciality. TELOS was founded in 1992 so as to specialise in conception and in advertising writing. Littera Graphis was founded in 1989, again by the Eurologos Group (one of the rare glocalized world leaders in language production) so as to specialise in multimedia activities.

But our activities continually cross those of languages which remain in one of the most complex sectors of them all: languages are in essence cultures!

Whilst we have resumed in a few pages the solutions to the problem of multilingualism, you can find these points treated in more depth at Eurologos.?We therefore refer our clients to the website, to the e-Magazine Glocal and to the books published by Eurologos: you can find this very broad expertise by typing www.eurologos.com (in 18 languages).