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Sometimes it is enough for a copywriter to perform a light surgical rewriting

Sometimes even an initial letter, well placed and harmoniously proportioned, can magnificently illustrate a page.

The illuminators of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance knew this very well. Five hundred years later we have been able to establish that a text beginning with a beautiful initial letter increases the attraction and attention of readers by between 15-20%.

All the art of a graphic designer – or better, an IT specialist working on only one screen like our Littera Graphis layout men, whose teams are housed in our offices – consists in knowing how to measure its intervention between illustration and graphic design of typography: as almost all communication pages contain images and words.

In the way of great music it is the silence that modulates the melos, the melody.

A good graphic designer knows that a balanced and efficient layout is above all determined by blank spaces and their link with concentrations of colour, photos and even drawings, which draw out the message.