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The three key factors of modern communication

It is known that the three decisive factors in communication in the globalised age are as follows:

  • Glocal creation (global and local, after the neologism coined in California in the 1990s);
  • Geostylised multilingualism (the languages and styles of clients: from printing to the Internet);
  • Multimedia supports (especially good old-fashioned printing and modern international e-commerce).

TELOS was created by Eurologos (www.eurologos.com) in 1992 in Brussels.
The triad of companies having thus been put in place so as to face – in a specialised way – all the communication tasks of our globalised and Internet era.

The only thing left for the EUROLOGOS Group, thus named after the oldest and most central brand (due to its multinationalisation required by its multilingualism), was to continue to create other offices around the world.

Three companies intimately linked by integrated productions, by the subsidiarity of services and by the international dimension of their offices.