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Creation at TELOS

The aim of advertising is persuasion,

not creativity for creativity’s sake.

Colin Snaps
Ingographiste, Webdesigner
It is known that a certain narcissistic and extravagant creativity  is disastrous.
We will never finish repeating it, the goal of advertising is to be persuasive and not creative for creativity’s sake.
Indeed, advertising in not a primary artistic activity.

As a consequence, creativity, in order to be relevant and truly justified, can only serve the brand and its efficiency.

At TELOS, without pleading pauperism and the confusion between the territories specific to each type of communication (from advertising to DM and to e-commerce sales), we believe that creation can cope well with the new constraints in the economy of the competitiveness of the markets. t can even fare brilliantly.

It is enough not to have  fornicated with bad narcissistic habits.
It is better, for example, to master  the new
Information and Communication Technologies.
As in our case.

We even have the privilege of having a sister company in our Eurologos Group family: Littera Graphis, specialising in websites and e-commerce!
TELOS, relevant creativity. On target