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High technology and multilingualism: two family inheritances

TTELOS S.A. is the subsidiary of the multinational EUROLOGOS Group (www.eurologos.com), which specialises in advertising writing and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).

has been a global leader since 1977 in the field of multilingual services (writing, translations/adaptations, localizations, interpreting assignments, etc.) with offices on four continents.

In 1989, the EUROLOGOS Group had already created – thinking ahead of the radical changes that the IT revolution was already in the process of introducing – the company Littera Graphis, our sister company. The EUROLOGOS Group thus decided to integrate IT services into its linguistic activities (prepress, printing, layout and website/e-commerce).

Naturally, TELOS has also become the driving force behind the marketing and advertising departments of all Eurologos offices around the world.